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  • Advocate for gender equality;


  • Promote women’s digital literacy;


  • Enable persons with disabilities (PWD) through Inclusivity


  • Promote and Highlight poverty alleviation schemes, good governance and accountability.

Our goal is to advance the basic and fundamental rights of women and girls especially those with disabilities who live in underserved communities, through digital literacy, self-elected education pursuits and, germane access to finance thereby enabling them to bring sustainable and meaningful development to their varied communities.


  • Relief of those in need, by reason of age, ill-health, disability, poverty or other disadvantage e.g. illegal migration, Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation, Domestic Violence, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) ;

  •  Advancement of education for disadvantaged women and girls;

  •   Prevention or relief of poverty of women and girls;


  •   Advancement of maternal health thus saving of lives;


  •   Advancement of good governance and democratic values and principles;


  •    Advancement of human rights (HR), conflict resolution, ethnic & racial harmony and       equality         

 Our Story

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ASHA began operation in 2004 as a fledging support group for young women with acquired disabilities.

A series of circumstances –within and without- birthed the initiative.

While receiving treatment at a government-owned facility in Edo State Nigeria, ASHA’s Global Programmes Director, Ms Vweta Chadwick was empowered to kick off a support group for women and girls who like her, were coming to grips with an acquired disability but who unlike her, lacked the support network they desperately needed in coping and readjusting to their new realities.


12 years from its embryonic start, ASHA has blossomed into a global movement.


Currently, ASHA is fully registered in Nigeria as a Non Profit NGO.


In England and Wales, ASHA is a legal entity and operates as a Social Work Enterprise.


ASHA, also, has presence in Cameroun, Canada, Ethiopia, South Africa and over 6 states in Nigeria.


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Project ASHA also benefits from the membership and support of patrons and matrons of all walks of life, all of whom share a passion for empowerment and development issues for all citizens of the world. 

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