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Rights is Right for All Humans: An inclusive walk against torture, in pictures

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Last Saturday, the ASHA team joined the Amnesty International global community in speaking out against torture with an inclusive walk that had Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), University of Lagos and National Open University of Nigeria students, children and their parents, corporate professionals and Amnesty International volunteer facilitators.

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The awareness advocacy was aided, intermittently, by the walkers using their whistles to gain attention, sharing of handbills and stickers, advocating to and with interested passer-by’s and, pasting stickers on cars that permitted the gesture.

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Start off point was UBA Park, University of Lagos (Unilag), Akoka and ended at the National Stadium, Surulere.

Interested persons, who were unable to come to Unilag, joined the procession the Tai Solarin Statute, Yaba; Tejuosho Avenue and, Funsho Williams Avenue.

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All photo credits due Ayoka Thompson Photograghy

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