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NO EXCUSE: A Clarion Call to End Gender-Based Violence against Women in Nigeria; 16 Days of Activism

16 days of activism no to GBV Nigeria
Photo: UN Women

As the world commemorates the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) from November 25th to December 10th, Nigeria stands at a crossroads. On one hand, the country grapples with the staggering prevalence of GBV, with one in three women experiencing physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. On the other hand, there is a growing movement of women and allies who are determined to break the chains of silence and create a safer, more equitable Nigeria for all.

Unveiling the Shadow Pandemic

GBV in Nigeria is not confined to physical or sexual violence. It also encompasses emotional, psychological, and economic abuse, leaving a trail of devastation on the lives of women and girls. This hidden pandemic silences voices, shatters dreams, and hinders the nation's progress.

ProjectASHA: A Beacon of Hope for Nigerian Women

Amidst the darkness of GBV, ProjectASHA stands as a beacon of hope for Nigerian women. This non-profit organization is dedicated to empowering women and girls to live free from violence and discrimination. Through its comprehensive approach, ProjectASHA provides survivors with access to agencies dedicated to tackling and providing legal aid, counseling, and vocational training, enabling them to reclaim their lives and pursue their dreams.

A Collective Responsibility to End GBV

Addressing GBV is not a women's issue; it is a societal issue that demands a collective response. Men, boys, and all members of society have a role to play in dismantling the harmful norms and attitudes that perpetuate violence against women. ProjectASHA recognizes this and actively engages men and boys in its advocacy and awareness campaigns.

The Role of Education and Awareness

Education and awareness are key to preventing GBV. ProjectASHA is at the forefront of promoting comprehensive sex education in schools and communities. Through interactive workshops and engaging discussions, ProjectASHA equips young people with the knowledge and skills to build healthy relationships, challenge harmful gender stereotypes, and promote respect for all.

Empowering Survivors and Strengthening Support Systems

Survivors of GBV need access to comprehensive support systems, including medical care, legal aid, and counseling.

Enforcing Laws and Ensuring Justice

Robust laws against GBV must be effectively enforced to hold perpetrators accountable and deter future violence.

The 16 Days of Activism: A Call to Action

The 16 Days of Activism is not just a campaign; it is a call to action. ProjectASHA joins the global chorus in urging individuals, communities, and governments to take concrete steps to end GBV. The organization's message is clear: NO EXCUSE. Violence against women and girls is unacceptable, and we must all work together to create a world where women and girls are free from fear, discrimination, and violence.

Nigeria's journey towards a GBV-free future requires the collective efforts of all stakeholders. As we commemorate the 16 Days of Activism, in response to the global mandate, ProjectASHA's joins the resounding call: NO EXCUSE. Together, we can break the chains of silence and create a world where Nigerian women and girls thrive.

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