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The UN states that:

“Good governance promotes equity, participation, pluralism, transparency, accountability and the rule of law, in a manner that is effective, efficient and enduring…


Democratic governance advances development, by bringing its energies to bear on such tasks as eradicating poverty, protecting the environment, ensuring gender equality, and providing for sustainable livelihoods.


It ensures that civil society plays an active role in setting priorities and making the needs of the most vulnerable people in society known.”

ASHA wholly endorses the views of the Swedish Government when it declared that:


“Everyone must be allowed to take part in the fight against poverty and their voices must be heard and respected.


This can only be achieved in a democracy. A democracy presupposes free elections, functioning political parties, independent media and active NGOs that can operate freely.


People in positions of power should be able to be held politically accountable for their actions.


Education and access to information are preconditions for this. Features of a democratic culture include gender equality as well as respect and tolerance for all individuals and groups” - (Ministry for Foreign Affairs; Govt. of Sweden).


ASHA joins forces with other pro-democracy organisations in working towards the elimination of all forms of discrimination in public and political life.


ASHA pays particular emphases on ensuring and promoting the rights of youths, girls, women and disabled to:


  •  Exercise their civic duty to vote and stand for election;

  •  Be active stakeholders in the constitution and provenance of government policy;

  •  Be appointed to public office and carry out public functions at all levels; and

  •  Set up and operate non-governmental and civil society organizations for the advancement  of these values.

ASHA’s Contribution:


  •  ASHA lends credence to the views of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, expressed in February 2009 “…Without accountability, not only of the government to its people but of the people to each other, there is no hope for a viable democratic State…"


  •  ASHA utilizes digital and social media to raise awareness and train and empower youth advocates. Through digital and social media, ASHA works to sensitize poor and disenfranchised citizens, PWDs, Women and girls about their human rights and civic responsibilities; with the aim of creating and nurturing partnerships and engagements that can in turn build capacity, improve accountability and ensure transparency and effectiveness in all tiers of governments.


  • ASHA will organize annual award ceremonies and events to recognize and publicize examples of best practice in good governance at Local, State and Federal Government levels in its areas of operation.  


  • ASHA believes that at the heart of good governance, democracy and a Vibrant Civil Society is a totally Independent Media (including digital and social media). ASHA Initiative is an enduring advocate of free press and uncensored digital and social media.


  • ASHA encourages and promotes topical and vigorous debates of Human Rights and Empowerment Issues on all digital/ social media, internet, print and audio-visual media platforms.


  • ASHA collaborates with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to host a podcast channel where the most vulnerable and marginalized in the society can both find their voice and have it heard globally. 




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