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In Honour of A SHERO!!!

We are pained to announce the sudden and untimely death of Vweta Chadwick Ariemugbovbe professionally known as Vweta Chadwick.

Vweta died on Wednesday, 22nd of July 2020 in the UK. To the world, Vweta was the brilliant, charismatic, energetic, and beautiful founder of ASHA (; the social work enterprise with operations in Nigeria, Cameroun, Ethiopia, South Africa, Canada, and the UK. To us, however, she was a loving daughter, a sweet sister, adorable Aunt, respectful cousin, humble niece, and a dependable friend. 

Although our hearts are burdened with great sorrow, we find courage in the meaning that she brought to the world. Vweta's relentless desire to advance Women's and girls' rights made her a real and tangible influence for change in the lives of the many she touched through her initiatives. Beyond her social work and irrepressible drive to see women's advancement and gender equality, Vweta was a master communicator and a beautiful poet. She had the innate ability to capture pure, honest, and raw emotions in her poetry. She had the power to make her reader feel the singleness of our humanity. Her poetry made her that much more of an effective advocate.

We would like to invite you to an online memorial in honor of our shero, Vweta. We plan to celebrate her life and legacy by sharing personal stories, memories, photos, and any other relevant piece of content you have that tells her incredible journey. 

Vweta, born January 1st, 1988, was 32. Indeed a short life so well lived. We are proud of you Vweta.

More updates to follow in the coming weeks.


Chadwick Ariemugbovbe Family

Projectasha.Org Worldwide Movement






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