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TRAMPLE PERIOD POVERTY: Project Asha Launches The 'Project Red Dot' Campaign

Women and girls in Nigeria and other developing nations continues to suffer period poverty, poor menstrual hygiene. This has become a major concern of nations across the globe. Periods are supposed to be a safe, healthy and easy for women and girls as they transit to womanhood.

More women and girls, especially marginalised sets, are directly affected by period poverty, declining menstrual health, and shaming. While more women struggle with period related stresses, their pockets are grossly deepening.

How can poor women maintain a healthy flow if menstrual pads ranges from N350 to N1,000? They are forced to make do with old rags, napkins, tissues and even paper.

Their life is unconsciously under a threat. Complications and several other health challenges are not far from them.

At ASHA, the health and overall wellbeing of women and girls in Nigeria is our top priority. We are set to make women and girls in rural communities 'bleed with ease'.

To match our words, Project ASHA has officially launched the "PROJECT RED DOT".

Project Red Dot (P.R.D) is an intervention project to cushion the effects of the monthly period flows on women, their health and finances. This project (P.R.D) aims to provide proper menstrual kits for women and and girls in underserved communities in Lagos State.

In the next one year, Project ASHA hopes to provide marginalized girls and women with timely period kits.

Along side the Project Red Dot, ASHA will train and empower women on how to make hygienic reusable pads. Imagine how much can be saved from this economic Empowerment.

We urge you, the general public and organizations to join this 'MARCH' against period poverty.

You have a role!

Let's work to see that girls and women remain healthy even in times of unease - We want you to be part of this success stories.

Partner with us on this project, become a sponsor, choose to fight period poverty.

Subscribe to any of the payment plans below, very flexible for your convenience.

  • Daily plan - N350 (1 girl)

  • Weekly plan - N2,000 (7 girls)

  • Monthly plan - N10,000 (25 girls)

  • Gold plan - N10,000.00 (36 girls)

  • Premium plan - N20,000 (one-off payment)

You can send in donations to

Account name - Asha Empowerment and Development

Account number - 0708655036

Bank - Access Bank

Click here to donate using paypal

For enquiries, contact

Joseph - 08134741574

Bolafunmi - 08067958492

Until there is a legislation for free periods in Nigeria, PROJECT ASHA will continue to trample on period poverty.

Join US!






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