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  • Waribugo Joseph

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021: Themed - "Nature"

This week, 10th - 16th May 2021, marks the World Mental Health Awareness Week, themed “NATURE”. It is a time to let go of stressors, incorporate nature into daily activities and enjoy a positive mindset.

The pandemic has shaped responses and activities around the world. For many of us, living in nature sounds impossible. No worries, enjoying nature should not be difficult. Just bring it closer to you.

Here are some helpful tips to help you connect with nature;

Grow a plant.

The beauty of watching a seed germinate and turning into a blossoming plant is indeed rewarding. Decide to grow a simple flower or any plant that brings significance to you. It improves and maintains a healthy mental wellbeing

Nature is everywhere

Nature is all around you. Choose to visit a garden, a park, a beach, and resort centres. These are top places to feel a connection with nature; hearing the birds sing, the insects chirp and the roar of the waters. Very helpful in reducing the feeling of fear, anger and anxiety.

Go on a picnic

If you are wondering how to share a quality friend or family time, a picnic is a great option. Either in a public park or beach, a picnic in nature increases the bond and reduces isolation. If possible, leave all gadgets behind except a digital camera for capturing memorable moments.

Protect nature

Try and encourage tree planting, reduce waste - recycle as much as possible, protect wildlife - do anything that protects nature. Let your actions and words tend towards improving and sustaining nature.

Finally, in a case of severe mental breakdowns like neglect, self-neglect, depression or any other forms, please seek help from a professional. Perfect mental health is paramount to having a productive life. Save it at all cost. Do you have plans for the mental health awareness week?






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