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  • Vweta Chadwick

Tuning in to our individual truths - Welcome to ASHA Blogs!

“We must find where our signals are strongest and stay there. Leaving, only for better reception. This may mean going to higher grounds, or removing/turning off appliances that causes interference.”

In June 2013, I was one of 31 correspondents, selected from almost 600 women who applied from 101 countries for the World Pulse Voices of Our Future citizen journalism-training program.

The first step towards this exciting journey was connecting me with a personal vision and editorial mentor.

Up until that time, I was a bundle of restless energy. I wanted to fix everything wrong with the world; I quickly realised that that was and still is a futile pursuit.

With the help of my mentors, two wonderful women – Babara Shipka and Vanessa Riverra De Fluente, I was able to tune in to my strongest signal, harness large chunks of restless energy surging through my being, into my strongest bandwidth and flourish. It was during this time I realised that working with disadvantaged and disabled women and girls is my strongest passion.

Individually, we must find our truths and speak it. That way, we would have an interconnected world where everyone’s truth and voice matters!

Whether you are passing by, or you intend to guest write for ASHA blogs, i strongly urge you to never deny yourself the privilege of being an original.

On behalf of Project ASHA’s global team, I welcome you to ASHA blogs. I hope you’d visit here often, leave a comment and support our work. Together, let us continue inspiring hope as we transform the lives of all we meet.

About the Author

Vweta Chadwick is currently ASHA's Global Programmes Director





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