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Engaging Senior Citizens

As the chasm between the young and the old grows, more senior citizens find themselves relegated to the background, their wisdom not recognized, and their presence, an unwelcome sight.

At Project ASHA, we treat, and advocate for the treatment of all humans with dignity, irrespective of their status.

Every few months, we organize a community public lecture, with older women encouraged and given all the support needed to attend.And, they always turn up in their numbers.

"A key step towards girls empowerment Is unpacking what disempowers them, and often, the answer lies with their mothers. Perhaps, a more effective way of ensuring girls stay empowered is by opening up the learning space to their mothers and grandmothers." Vweta Chadwick

By engaging the older women who are considered the custodians of traditions in the community, during dialogues about the basic human rights, sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls, as well as their education, we are helping to change the minds and attitudes of local communities about women and girls education and economic empowerment.





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