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Summary of Global Strategy Head’s Meetings In Nigeria

In furtherance of Project ASHA’s empowerment visions, the global strategy head, Mr. Steven Robinson, was in Nigeria some days back for a series of end-to-end meetings with development partners.

First port of call was with ASHA’s Abuja ambassador, Ms. Bashirah Giwa. Ms. Giwa has shown an unflinching devotion to the advancement of the organisation in her operational base of Abuja and her home town of Kwara state.

The executive producer of the Lovelyn Clair Show, Mrs. Lovelyn Edun, who has over the years overseen the placement of ASHA Sheroes Craft Academy’s graduates in organisations offering further training and awarded start-up grants, pledged her unwavering support to the course going forward.

The newly appointed Lagos state’s Controller of Prisons, Mr. Olumide Tinuoye, was an unencumbered embodiment of selfless service to fatherland and humanity. Displaying the sandals and clothes made by inmates, Mr. Tinuoye was of the view that society is better off if prisoners are reintegrated into the society. The chances of a reintegrated Nigerian reoffending drops significantly when compared to those shunned and ostracised.

The take away from the encounter with the Controller was that more needs to be done by all to what currently obtains.

He commended the interventions carried out by Kayode Williams, other development partners and the half-way house in Ikorodu.

Nigerian Television Authority’s Mr. Matthew Nwankwo has been a trojan for the organisation. Information maximization and contact building from him has seen a boost in partnership between Project ASHA and certain concerned individuals. Having overseen the production of ‘Street 2 Skill’, Mr. Nwankwo was all agog for the development sector. As is his wont, he hopes to deepen the reach of Project ASHA at the earliest opportunity.

The co-founder of an NGO, Little Smiling Stars, Ms. Abebi Akerele not only pledged to advance Project ASHA to her esteemed clients, she promised some humanitarian donations towards alleviating the medical supply needs of the TBAs of Sogunro.





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