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'What would the world miss if you weren't here?' A talk by Vweta Chadwick at YALI Netwo

On Tuesday, March 29th, ASHA’s Programmes Director, Vweta Chadwick was one of the mentors at the YALI Network face2face #Africa4Her event at the US consulate general, Lagos. Her talk 'What would the world miss if you weren't here? " was designed and delivered to engender attitudinal changes in young women and girls, so they may begin seriously contemplating their contributions to their communities and the world. It also helped them see, by sharing her personal health challenges and the discrimination she suffered as a teenager, that circumstances are seldom excuses for non-performance.

In a world such as the present, there is no let, no room and, certainly, no hands-out for anyone. It is more difficult, much more difficult for women and girls. Nobody has nothing.

Listen to snippets of her talk here.





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