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Patriarchy - A World Without It!

How does the world view women?

In an age where gender-roles are no longer binary and gender-violence a shameful abnormality, it is still telling that women are accorded little or no room in the affairs of governments, supranational bodies and in their homes.

Progress has been made. Rape is a crime in many countries presently. Women are leaders at major organizations. Women are empowering themselves. And, it is hoped that the 50-50 agenda is fruitfully pursued.

But more needs being done; it is left to you and I to do the needful.

Last October, Project ASHA's Programmes Director, Vweta Chadwick co-produced and participated in a video that featured over 20 women from over 20 countries, all participants of the 2015 class of the Global Change Leaders Program, at the Coady International Institute, as they shared their everyday experience of patriarchy.

From rape to equality in political spaces, from equal access to finance to education, from unhealthy standards of beauty to women's ability to negotiate safe sex, these women's imaginations of a world without patriarchy inspires hope and action.

Watch the video here.

Have you experienced patriarchy in your day to day life? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment.





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