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My Memories of Vweta Chadwick - Ese Tony-Nkadi

Ese Tony-Nkadi

I had the privilege of attending a private farewell ceremony for Shero Vweta Chadwick, Founder of @projectasha this week. Yet another first during the pandemic, if I may add!

It was a bitter-sweet experience for me as my earliest recollection of her was as an intelligent, athletic, popular, fun-loving and outgoing girl who was a friend to my youngest brother Sir Ifeta (@thetalentnextdoor on IG) in high school in Benin City, and little sister to my friend, Steve. I followed her story with admiration over the years and was proud of what she made of the lemons that life gave her!

In 2004, at the age of 16, Vweta developed an acquired disability due to negligent medical treatment in Nigeria. For two years after that, as she was subjected to more needless surgeries in Nigeria, she lost the ability to speak until she met Prof McIntosh in South Africa in 2006.

Following her horrible experience, she set up a support group for other women, girls and disabled people who had suffered a similar fate. Today that support group is now a charity registered since 2013 in Nigeria as ASHA Empowerment and Development Initiative aka project ASHA

In 2017, after moving to Newport Wales, Vweta set up NEWPORT RISING - a support group for empowering women survivors of abusive relationships and their children.

Vweta was passionate about empowering women and girls. This led her to participate in several programmes as well as volunteer in numerous organisations.

She was a 2013 Fellow of LEAP Africa‘s Social Innovation Programme (SIP) Felow, Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative, 2013 fellow, United States Institute of Peace Generation Change Leaders, a 2013 World Pulse Voices of Our Future Award recipient and 2015 Fellow, Global Change Leaders.

In 2016, she was one of 100 outstanding Nigerians, and 25 Africans selected to participate in the Mandela Washington Fellowship. She was as a Global Ambassador for World Pulse and had also been published in TIME Magazine.

She was able to turn her health challenges into a purpose – doing what she does best – supporting people.


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