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Thank You

The family of Vweta Chadwick and Friends of Projectasha.Org would like to express a heartfelt thanks to everyone who in both small and big ways contributed to giving Vweta a befitting farewell.

For your messages, your letters, your calls, your cards, your flowers, your donations at and your attendance in person and online at the funeral - We thank you and we are profoundly grateful.

In the following days, a feature version of the funeral recording along with photo tributes would be available to view online on our social media platforms and website.

A life well remembered, lives on

Therefore, we will continue the work of to remember and promote the legacy of Vweta in supporting girls, women, and people with disabilities.

To inspire the next generation of girls (Sheros), we will be doing the following:

  • Writing a book on Vweta

  • Producing a video-biography on Vweta

  • Fund raising to set up Digital Literacy and Empowerment Hubs for girls in Africa and Developing Countries in the name of Vweta.

We ask for your support in this noble endeavour. You can support the vision of Vweta by donating and/ volunteering at





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