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ARE YOU OK? - World Mental Health Day

Now more than ever, when the world is battling a pandemic that has put much strain on the total wellbeing of individuals, we join the world today the 10th of October, to spread awareness about mental health.

People all over the world, across all ages are struggling through the effect of the COVID-19 experienced through loss, lack, fatigue, anxiety, pain, uncertainty and fear for the future. We realize that surviving is better done together and we encourage everyone to reach out to people around us who may be battling mental health issues in silence. Let us be more deliberate by creating a chain of support:

-REACH OUT to people

-ASK “ARE YOU OK” – Many people struggle in silence

-ENCOURAGE by creating a safe space to listen

-HELP if you can or refer to professionals in your location

When we feel mentally well, we will be more productive, live a more fulfilled life and actively contribute to our society. Help someone stay positive today - ARE YOU OK?

Reach out to these helplines in case of emergency,

@projectasha, @unicefnigeria, @unicef, @unicefafrica






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