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ASHA Art Fair For Kids In Lagos State

Finally Here!

Project ASHA has committed four months into training and mentoring children in Pako community - Lagos State, Nigeria using Poetry, Art and Dance.

The ASHA Poetry, Art and Dance(P.A.D) project launched in April 2021 and registered over fifteen talented kids in the different categories. Successfully, the P.A.D project strenghtened and focused on the unique talents of children and teens in Pako Community. Through the support of dedicated creatives/volunteers instructors, Project ASHA safely Implemented trainings and teachings with person centred approach; every child in the program upscaled with a new skill.

Our Drive and Success

The kids in Pako community reached an amazing confidence level, they are comfortable in telling their stories and are highly positive as they continue to learn; regardless of their economic status and living condition - this is crucial to the success of the project. As a Part of the curricular covered in the four months of intensive Poetry, Art and Dance trainings, ASHA enhanced outcomes by teaching the kids - Building resilience in the changing economic system; Entrepreneurship; Fostering relationships for peace; Recycling to save the planet and the Power of crafts in a digital world.

The person-centred approach assisted each child to identify their unique strengths, converted weakness to advantages and promote collaborations that works. An impactful four months journey.

And it's a Wrap!

Project ASHA welcomes the general public to her Art fair for kids in Pako community. The Art fair will feature art exhibition, poetry performances, talent show and display of creativity skills. Also, it will serve as open opportunity to other children in the area who can equally participate on a level ground, and learn a new skill in the arts.

All items to be displayed at the Art Fair and exhibition are created by the kids of Pako community. Project Asha aims to sell off items to support the education of the children in the community.

The Art fair will will bring to a close the 4 months long inclusive program with Pako community. It is ASHA's desire to extend this project to more communities in 2022

We Can Do This!

To further strengthen the impact of this project, Project ASHA rely on donations from individuals, organisations and philanthropists. ASHA seeks to provide the basic education needs of the children in Pako community.

It will be an additional support if items like books, bags, sandals and other household items are donated to support these children.

Furthermore, with as low as a #1,000 or $5 donation, YOU will give an opportunity to a kid to remain in school; it will go a long way with Asha.

Click Donate to make a donation on PayPal; or send cash donations to 2016278736

First Bank

Ariemugbovbe Vweroda

Mail receipt to

For general enquiries and interest, contact @projectasha on facebook and IG, or via email to, or kindly reach the contacts on the flier.






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