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CALL FOR ENTRY: Vweta Chadwick Poetry Prize 2022

To honor and celebrate the life of Vweta Chadwick, the Vweta Chadwick Poetry Prize is calling for submissions from female poets only.

This is the first edition of the Poetry Prize, hence we are expecting entries from females, who desire to strengthen topics of woman resilience, gender equality, and inclusion. Poems can also reflect on solutions to challenges impacting women and girls locally and globally.

Persons with disabilities are strongly advised to enter this prize contest.

Vweta chadwick, Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Association Nigeria, Class of 2016

In furtherance of the outstanding accomplishments of Shero Vweta, we are excited to be supporting creative young African women who through poetry, are ready to disrupt gender narratives, bring healing and lively expression to amplify the voices of women and girls, across Africa. see Vweta's poetry works HERE

For submission guidelines visit

We can’t wait to see the power of your inks on paper and the punching of your keyboards/keypads through your entries.

More details on the Poetry Prize will be published on the Project ASHA site and social media pages.






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