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Community Clean-up Exercise to Strengthen Conversations on WASH

This June (11/6/22) we organized a Community Clean-up exercise in the Pako community of Lagos state. The aim was to promote proper hygiene and remind people of the importance of maintaining a healthy and safe environment.

Team ASHA worked with children in the community to organize the clean-up. We provided sanitation materials like brooms, dustpans, and bin baskets. Most importantly, Team ASHA provided clean water and disinfectants for hand wash. A major highlight of the community exercise was teaching the children to practice constant handwashing – to stay healthy and safe from germs.


Our goal was to strengthen conversations on WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) among locals as well as help the children to be role models and community agents of cleaner environment.


1. 50+ children and teenagers participated in the clean-up exercise.

2. Children were taught handwashing, personal and environmental hygiene techniques.

3. Parents were grateful for the initiative and promised to mobilize the entire community next time.

4. We got donations of additional refreshments for the participants from parents and well-wishers.

5. There was a community pledge to engage in future monthly clean-up exercises with Project ASHA.


The atmosphere was easy and fun as children and parents displayed great level of enthusiasm towards keeping their community clean. There was hot meals and refreshments for each child was treated to hot beans cake and Bread, prepared by women in the community Despite the rain, the event was a huge success.

ProjectASHA in Action – with a cross section Some of the children with Team ASHA

Before the clean-up

After the Clean up






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