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Day of The Girl 2021Theme: 'Digital Generation, Our Generation'

Every Year, on the 11th of October, we join the international community to observe the day of the girl. It affords us a joint celebration of the female child, highlighting communal equality and the persisting issues facing the survival of the girl-child.

Effect of the Prevailing Pandemic

Girls' education and mental health has been particularly challenged by the effect of the pandemic. Necessary measures taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19 has reduced access to education for girls, especially those in low-income households who lack technological gadgets to participate in online classes.

The digital gender divide is made more evident and out-of-school time exposed girls to many threats that include early pregnancy, gender-based violence, rape, child marriage and drugs.

Our Impact

In the last year, ProjectAsha has taken giant strides for girls' advancement through digital literacy training and Talent Development.

In Nigeria, the Vweta Sheroes ICT Hub that was launched earlier in the year has graduated over 40 girls who have been equipped with relevant digital skills.

We also empowered children in marginalised community through Poetry, Art, and Dance. Using art to heal, empower and boost their mental health, we engaged them during their out-of-school periods.

Breaking Bounds with the Virtual Pitch Contest

According to UNICEF, women are less likely than men to use digital products and engage with digital solutions due to social and economic barriers. With a Virtual Pitch Contest, ProjectAsha aims to launch girls early into STEM careers by introducing and directing their focus into key areas where they can develop professional skills and become relevant adults in the tech industry. The pitch contest will provide learning opportunities, funding, and exposure to participants.

To register for the virtual pitch contest, click the button below

Changing Narratives

In today’s world, every child needs to be digitally literate to fully harness the opportunities that abound globally. As we celebrate the girl-child today, our decisions and focus is geared towards building a society where the girls are equally equipped as the boys for a digital generation, our generation.






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