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Enter The Project ASHA Virtual Pitch Contest For Girls

Project ASHA launches her virtual pitch contest for girls who are passionate about solving social challenges using digital and technology tools.

The pitch contest will encourage and support more girls into becoming digitally aware, identify and leverage opportunities in the tech space. This is a move to bridging the gapping digital gender divide. With this contest, Project ASHA aims to inspire young women across Nigeria, raise an awareness of the possibilities women/girls can benefit from the STEM space, challenge the inequalities crippling their representation in the digital/tech space. Here, ASHA will promote and reinforce the role/need for women-led tech startups founders, female tech entrepreneurs and innovators, in sustaining significant changes in the tech space globally. A marginalised woman is no less in a rapidly racing digital world - every woman can be equally a digital giant.

If you're a girl, with a desire to be or already in the tech space, on a mission to disrupt, contribute or transform the world with the aid of technology, then this pitch contest is for you. In a few weeks, it will be a very competitive time for girls who are willing to break the glass ceiling, change the narrative and joining the league's of young women innovators.

For young women who wish to become tech giants, here is an opportunity for you to start your journey with a firm support from other women who are already sailing strongly. The pitch contest will award cash prizes to the 10 most inspiring contestant and lots of other benefits to be won too.

Application opens on September 30th 2021 - October 20th, 2021. For more details, see HERE to register and follow instructions carefully.

All the best in your application!






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