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How Do You Spend The Festive Season?

The year 2021 has been beautiful but very busy for us all. From working in the new virtual reality to managing physical outreaches, work just needed to be done but we are glad we didn’t break a wing. Now the festive seasons are here again, and we are not ready to miss out. At ProjectASHA, we choose to make the most of this time.

As 2021 closes, there’s no better time to unwind, share a bright sunny day with love and laughs with the communities we work with. To enjoy the sparks of the season, Team ASHA visited a park with kids from the Pako community. This was a dream come true for some of our beautiful kids. It was another opportunity to bond outside work for colleagues at ProjectASHA, and for the kids – you guessed right - play play play in the different shades. What a warm, loving, and fulfilling experience for them!

We shared beautiful pictures, food and relished happy times. For kids, this might be only one time in a year, but these memories will be cherished forever. For colleagues at ProjectASHA, it was safe to relive a day as children – unbothered and happy.

Also, we took the opportunity to award the winner of the ASHA Virtual Pitch Contest 2021 Miss Osemene Aanuoluwapo Ayomide. This intentional act was to encourage the girls we work with. They were thrilled and wished to get an award in their name someday. Beautiful right?

In conclusion, you’ve worked so hard, it is only ‘okay’ to reward yourself. In this festive season, take a smooth break, share a drink, and make new memories. While looking forward to a blooming 2022, a year to thrive in vigor and power, we must soak in the present, and all that it offers – it is only what we are guaranteed.

How are you spending your holidays? Share your ideas to inspire someone to act.






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