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International Day of the Girl "Invest in Girls' Rights: Our Leadership, Our Well-being"

On this day of the International Day of the Girl Child, we joined the global movements in a unified march for equality and equity for girls all over the world. We root for every effort that gives girls the agency to create the change they want. This is also a reminder to intensify actions and interventions that enhance the well-being of girls, and their inclusion in leadership and decision-making procedures that positively impact their lives.

More than ever, we recognize the commitments of changemakers, civil organizations and government agencies supporting topics and policies that further spotlight the rights of girls by putting them at the forefront of change, opportunities, and leadership.

If you are one, kudos!

As we celebrate today, we ask for a deeper concentration of funding, resources and voices to strengthen the purpose of the Day of the Girl Child.

ProjectASHA continues to lean towards equal gender opportunities through our varied programming and interventions such as women’s health, education, girl's leadership, and economic empowerment, especially for rural groups.

To every girl, one at a time, in solidarity and affirmation of a future free of inequalities, ProjectASHA wishes you a Happy Celebration.

We want to provide more girls in hard-to-reach areas with equal access to education. By 2024, we want to reach 1000+ girls in rural Nigerian communities. You can help us to support more girls to finish school and achieve their dreams.

One girl at a time, we can transform the world!

ProjectASHA is supported by crowdfunded campaigns and initiatives. As we go all out to do more, we kindly ask you to support our mission of establishing more female-focused programs across Nigeria and Africa. Every penny converts to a greater good and improved life for one girl, one community, one at a time.






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