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  • Lydia Nwanmu

Our Planet, Our Health - Our Priority: WORLD HEALTH DAY

Health they say is Wealth

As the world struggles to recover from the pandemic, and a constantly degrading planet caused by human actions, the World Health Organisation focuses this year’s World Health Day Theme on ways humans can enjoy improved and healthier lifestyles and wellbeing as well as prioritise replenishing our planet. Every single positive action is for the protection of our planet and our health.

Can we ever have an economy focused on health and well-being, where cities are livable and we can control our health and that of the planet? Yes! Here’s How.

Tips to ensure a safe livable environment and improved quality of lives, you can:

  • Support Rural women to use improved cookstoves and sustainable energy-saving food preparation options. This not only improves their general lifestyle, it significantly protects the environment

  • Decide to walk or pedal to work, at least once a week. Choosing to use public transportation can significantly reduce gas emissions into the atmosphere from private car owners.

  • Buy your groceries from local producers and avoid highly processed foods and beverages.

  • Stop consuming tobacco! - Healthy lungs and kidneys are necessary for a long and healthy life

  • Use recyclable grocery bags that reduce waste and increase the existence value of biodiversity.

  • Turn off the lights when it’s not in use - energy preservation is truly key.

How else can you contribute to a healthier planet? Feel free to share your thoughts.






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