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2-Years On - Remebering Vweta Chadwick

Today, we remember one who laid a deeply rooted foundation, who stood for women and girls, whose memory brings strength and vigor; We remember Vweta Chadwick.

On this Day, July 22 2020, Vweta joined the angels; releasing strength to all who found her voice inspiring; to fight and conquer.

In her Honour, ProjectASHA is organizing the Vweta Chadwick Poetry Prize for females who like Vweta are using the power in their voices to change the world, one step at a time. As an impassioned human rights champion, writer and poet, Vweta galvanised voices and actionable moves toward strengthening and sustaining the causes she believe in. You can read about her ever invigorating works and achievements here, and thought provoking poetry by Vweta.

Read more on and register to attend the poetry prize event.

In whatever capacity, we would like to read your comments about Vweta Chadwick below or you can grant us a 15-mins interview by reaching us at

You can also reach us by visiting our social pages; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.






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