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A Story about ASHA's work in Sogunro by World Pulse Africa Team Lead

"It is a sunny Saturday morning in Sogunro, a slum on the waterfront of the Lagos Lagoon. Described as the Venice of Africa, this fishing village is built on stilts above the Lagoon. The flair of the busy women traders paddling with poise along the canal is strong enough to take our minds off the fear of losing balance on our not so stable canoe, as it glides through the reeking black waters. I can`t swim but I don`t care about the depth of the water underneath. My colleague Smeeta shows no iota of fear. Waste, environmental pollution and health hazards are lurking so strongly in the atmosphere but even stronger is the urge to have a firsthand experience of the work done by our guide, World Pulse Community Leader, Vweta Chadwick in this relegated and unknown Slum.

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