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ASHA kids Perform in Poetry and Drama At An Inclusive Event for Special Education

The inclusive event organised by Special Education Collaborative Outreach SECO, featured major nonprofit workers and most importantly, organisations tackling disability issues in Lagos State. The event promoted inclusive rights, collaborations and talent display.

Community children registered under the ASHA Poetry, Art and Dance P.A.D project were opportuned to display their talents in poetry/drama and fashion show.

This is indeed an exciting progress. The kids still share their excitement. To us at Asha, we are happily concerned about making these kids little stars through their talents. We hope to see them convert talents to resources.

Regardless of background or economic status, inclusive rights sits at the heart of ASHA's programs. Everyone deserves equal opportunities.

Amongst the kids are amazing singers, artists, aspiring models, lovely creatives and photographers - they love to become professionals.

If more opportunities are offered to ASHA kids, it will fast track their progress and help us reach our goal.

We use this medium to ask your partnership and collaboration in making sure ASHA community kids gets the right pointer and placement for their talents.

Investing in Child education and creativity is a good investment.

Our sincere appreciate to the entire SECO team and Ms. Rita Ofili for pointing Project ASHA kids to the worthy opportunity.

Many thanks to SECO for the platform.






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