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Thank You For 2021! - Newsletter For YOU

As we take time to reflect on our achievements and victories in 2021, ProjectASHA say THANK YOU!

Our success stories won't be complete without you. A chunk of our works was shouldered by partners, friends and, good-hearted individuals, like You.

Through gifting in cash, in-kind, and volunteering your time, Project ASHA was able to reach and scale her projects in the host communities. Lives are transformed, hopes are restored - this is more than enough motivation for us to do even more.

As we get set for the year 2022, full of opportunities and, with you by our side, we are certain of making this year yet another ground-breaking one.

it is great for you to see what you helped us achieve in 2021. A detailed copy of our newsletter will help you see how much value you've added to ProjectASHA and our milestones in 2021. Click the link below to download a copy of our colourful letter to you.

ProjectASHANews Letter 2021 Issue
Download PDF • 1.51MB

Thank you for 2021. Let's do this again in 2022 - You, Us, working together to change the world. One step at a time.

We would like to read your comments. Share your thoughts!






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